When You Have Children, They Don't Give You an Owner's Manual

If You are an expecting Mother, a new Mother, or a hopeful Mother, or if you are a hands on Dad who is very interested in the development of your child, knowing which decisions to make in various child raising situations can often times be daunting.

That’s where the “Proactive Parent” newsletter comes in. We got you covered. We send useful information right to your inbox that cover topics like:

  • Potty Training Secrets
  • Developing Self Esteem for Your Child
  • Teaching Your Children to Read
  • Home Schooling Strategies
  • Arts and Crafts For Your Child and You
  • Cooking for Kids
  • Nutritional Information
  • ADD and ADHD Topics

and much much more.

The Proactive Parent Newsletter has developed the perfect blend of time tested parenting principles and the latest cutting edge developmental breakthrough information that is delivered right to your email inbox for free. Sign up below to gain access to the closest thing there is today to a “Child Raising Owners Manual”




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